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Darren Hanton

My Life as a Writer

I was born in 1967, in the small seaside port of Harwich, on the east coast of England. I had an idyllic childhood, loving parents, and a large extended family. From an early age, I was scribbling in dog-eared notebooks and making up stories that I would enjoy recounting to my younger brother. As a young boy I was an imaginative thinker with a twist of eccentricity about me - a trait that many who know me would say I still possess...


It would be true to say that my life has often taken me in a very different direction to the one I had intended. At times, I have found this to be a daunting and often frustrating experience. However, it's amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind to it! After a very unsuccessful and unremarkable education, I was completely unprepared for life after school. What was a somewhat geeky teenager, with limited qualifications to do in 1983? Fortunately for me, the answer came in the form of a rapidly emerging Computer Industry.


In 2009, I decided to leave a successful career in the technology industry to pursue a long held ambition of being a writer. Today, I work as a feature writer for various online publications. I belong to a number of writing and editing groups and have always been happy to guest blog and contribute to websites that focus on my favourite subjects: history, technology, travel and green issues. I have always wanted to combine my love of writing and storytelling with my passion for history. Heavily influenced by my favourite authors, C.S. Forester and Bernard Cornwell; I decided to begin researching material for my first work of historical-fiction.


I still live in my hometown of Harwich with my Costa Rican/Canadian wife (an awesome combination). It is a blessing to have such a beautiful wife, who is a constant support in my writing endevours. Her unwavering encouragement and gentle persuasion keep me in my study, motivated and on target.


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Coming Soon - Darren talks about his love for Canada and all things Canadian.


A trip to Asia is planned for February 2015: Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.


Darren begins work on his first Novel.


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