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Darren Hanton

Excerpts from projects I am currently working on...

El Erizo

Juan threw himself over the storm damaged tree, his small agile body easily moved through the air.  The bark cracked and splintered as he prised his machete from the fallen tree.  Startled by the noise, Antonio looked up in horror to see his childhood friend charging towards him, the machete raised high above Juan's head. 


        "No", Antonio tried to shout but the result was more of a shrill.  


        Juan ignored his friend's protest and hurled the twenty-inch blade through the air.  The blade glistened briefly as it passed through the rays of the early morning sun.  It struck the large mango tree Antonio was standing under with such force several of the other workers looked up.  Antonio dropped the mango he had been gorging himself on. 


        "What in God’s name," the words were almost inaudible as he spat the half eaten fruit from his mouth, "Are you mad Juan, has the guaro finally made you crazy."  His fat angry face, already covered in mango juice was now bright red and looked like one of the ceramic jars the city women used to store their honey in.  Juan tried to hold back his laughter but the broad smile betrayed the enjoyment of his friend's distress and, the fact that Antonio had still not seen the six-foot fer-de-lance snake with its head pinned to the mango tree by the large machete blade.

Packing for One

David was awake early, just like every morning.  He lay beneath the covers, motionless, unable to summon up the energy that he would need in the days ahead.  The peace and calm of the room was abruptly broken by the sound of a newly arrived message on his phone.  He cursed loudly and snatched at the phone, annoyed that it had woken his wife who had been asleep next to him. 


‘What is it David?’  Sofia asked anxiously. 


‘Nothing my love, go back to sleep.’  David said, trying not to sound too agitated.  He edged towards her and gently kissed the smooth warm skin of her bare shoulder.  He waited a few minutes, and then carefully climbed out of bed.  The room was cold and he resented having to leave the warmth of Sofia’s embrace.  David was a desperate man and each new day now looked darker than the one before.


Coming Soon - Darren talks about his love for Canada and all things Canadian.


A trip to Asia is planned for February 2015: Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.


Darren begins work on his first Novel.


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