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I assume you've come to this page because you like reading books. Good!  This is simply a place where I want to share with you the books I like to read, and that we might all enjoy the books that you like to read - any books - not just historical fiction.  Tell me if you've read something wonderful, or you've found a new exciting author, and i'll post your recommendations and reviews here.

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In Defense Of Troy: The Prince’s Ascent

Written by: Henry C. G. Cropsey

Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Submitted By: Henry C. G. Cropsey

H.C. G. Cropsey’s first historical novel brings to life the sights, sounds and experience of ancient warriors, their leaders, nobles and slaves through the action of a small contingent of soldiers returning through a hostile environment to Troy. In the tradition of Bernard Cornwell and Michael Shaara combining comprehensive research and a keen ear for narration and historical personality, Cropsey displays an extraordinary ability to portray the violence and order of brutal ancient battle as well as a deft touch in exploring palace intrigue and more personal familial and human relations.  In Defense Of Troy: The Prince’s Ascent will join the ranks of great historical fiction through its well-developed characters and dialogue in an easy to read and thrilling narration.  Don’t miss!           


The Fort

Written by: Bernard Cornwell

Published by: HarperCollins

Submitted By: StoryTellerShannon

MINI REVIEW: This smoothly written book covers the mostly unknown Penobscot Expedition of the American Revolution. According to some historians it was the worst naval war blunder since Pearl Harbor. 

Paul Revere is shown to be an arrogant incompetent suffering court martial after the failed attempt against the British (but he appealed it under peculiar circumstances later); prickly Commodore Saltonsall is the fall guy in an attempt to have the other states cover the costs and General Peleg Wadsworth may be the only true hero of the upper echelon's land commanders. 


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