Darren Hanton
Darren Hanton

People often ask me...

...how I got started as a writer.

The answer is a long story and almost a book in itself.  I consider myself a storyteller before that of a writer.  I guess my fascination with the art of telling good stories began with my very earliest influences, my grandparents and those of their generation.  I spent many hours as a young child listening to stories of the two great wars, or lavish tales of time spent at sea…  I had tapped into a generation that could intrigue, enthrall and captivate, and leave a young mind with more questions than answers.  Often emotive and always with flare, intricate details were expressed with great care, stories now that seem quite rare.  Maybe I was just lucky but they had such good memories and took so much care in their choice of words.  They taught me how to truly tell a story.  Later, I would recount these same stories to my younger brother, often embellishing and finally adding my own twists.  That was the beginning.  It helped to shape me and eventually led me to become a writer.

...what I do when I cannot think of anything to write.

That depends. Sometimes I look for something to keep me busy in the house, there's never any shortage of diy projects.  The thing that seems to work best for me is walking, fresh air and a change of scenery stimulates my mind and literally blows away the cobwebs.  A simple distraction and the ideas quietly begin to surfae and later I can return to my desk and start writing.  If I cannot think of anything for a longer period of time, I intensively work on a new topic or do some research.

...I really enjoy your writing but why is it so difficult to find.

Thank you to all those that send me such nice emails about my work.  I'm truly glad you enjoy it.  The simple truth is, writing is a tough business and when I decided that's what I wanted to do professionally - I looked for those projects that paid the best.  Writing and telling stories is my passion but it doesn't in most cases pay the bills.  Much of my work has been as a copy writer or ghost writing and the odd online feature, and seldom bares my name.  All that is about to change.  I am currently working on several projects that will be published and in the public domain.  Watch this space !

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